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We recommend and oversee solutions that enhance and secure your property.


Our solutions protect your assets and seek to minimize your liability by preserving human capital.


OSA oversees and implements your selected strategies as well as tracks and communicates effectively our progress and/or challenges.

Your company is serious about safety and security, evidenced by its expenditure of significant funds each year for on-site safety. After a thorough investigation of the nightly routines of your hired security personnel, your consultant advises that your company can save more than $400,000 a year in security costs by adjusting its approach to securing the property.

A truck pulls into your property in the middle of the night, whereupon intruders break into two apartments and steal most of the major appliances in both units. You immediately think of the security analysis and implementation that resulted in your installing gate access controls and cameras. You wonder if the new cameras captured anything related to the theft and call your contractor and discover that they did indeed contain photographic evidence from the night before. You learn further that the evidence is already in the hands of local authorities.

While inspecting one of your properties currently under renovation, your security partner advises that the perimeter fencing your company purchased is only six feet in height, when 10 feet is the minimum to prevent egress to your complex. With this discovery, your company decides to enhance the fencing to steel ornamental and manages not only to install the correct perimeter protection but also saves money in the process.

These scenarios are real. Various OSA clients encountered each of these situations but relied on us to assist them in dealing with these and many other incidents.

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