One of the more interesting projects that OSA has been involved with was writing specifications for and delivering what came to be known internally as the guard shack. Our client owned a multi-family property in a section of their community particularly susceptible to crime and violence. It was ill advised to try and implement any significant onsite guard service without substantial means of protection. Immediately we recognized that this was going to be a special project not only for us but also for the client.

We worked closely with the manufacturer and the client, since the shack had many unique specifications, the most important of which was the ballistic glass. This project more than most needed to meets specs not just because it needed to “work” properly. If something went wrong, it would involve more than stopping to repair it. It could mean someone’s life.

Another unique aspect of this project soon became apparent. Building it was one thing, delivery and installation quite another. The unit required special insulation, special lighting, special floor and ceiling construction, and a dozen other unique design components including HVAC and CCTV ready. OSA worked with the manufacturer, current low voltage subs, local GC and both companies insured delivery of a top-flight product.


guard shack installed at multifamily property



Hurricane Florence proved to be a great challenge for us, but OSA overcame all obstacles and completed the delivery and install.


OSA’s diligence proved to be fortunate in the delivery of the final product to the client.  Recently, our client informed us that someone or some group came through their property and fired six shots into the guard shack.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  The following picture show the damage sustained, yet its integrity remained:


Because the client anticipated possible incidents with this particular property, and because they acted on that concern and contacted OSA, nothing more serious than a replacement window occurred.


This is what OSA does.  We offer consultation to clients to ease their security concerns and find cost effective solutions to meet those concerns.  No project is so unique that OSA cannot offer reliable plans and implementations.  OSA can assist you with your projects and do so in the context of safety, security, and cost effectiveness.


More pictures of the incident are shown below: