As the legend goes, the Winchester mansion, the family home of the Winchester rifle family, is haunted.  William Wirt Winchester amassed a fortune and built a fitting mansion which his widow inherited upon his death.  She became convinced that all of the deaths caused by her husband’s rifles had resulted in the haunting of the mansion by their spirits. She further believed that she had to continually build onto the mansion in order to house and appease those spirits.  As a result of this aimless but continual construction, the house is filled with oddities like stairways that lead to nowhere, rooms with no access, etc., Wikipedia refers to it as a mansion “renowned for its size, its architectural curiosities, and its lack of any master building plan.”

An apt analogy for what can happen to your client property when you do security planning after the fact .  Instead of misguided stairways and windowless rooms, however, you end up with alarm systems that are not and cannot be integrated or coordinated with other systems, or external lighting that serves no purpose, and other issues that could have been handled easily in the beginning.

Overwatch Security Advisors provides upfront security planning and architecture where we work pre-construction with your architects to design and assemble integrated systems that are almost plug and play.  We can work with structural engineers, lighting designers, perimeter security and monitoring firms to ensure the process unfolds in seamless fashion.  All of this equates to saving money on your projects!

Don’t let poor planning or no planning haunt your property.  Contact us in the beginning to make sure the ending is effortless.