Multifamily Security Assessment Service in Hoover AL

Dylan Myrick

Managing Partner

Dylan brings his blended expertise in logistics, risk analysis, multifamily property operations, and strategic business development to his work at Overwatch Security Advisors.

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Dylan has spent six years working in multifamily strategic and consultative sales. He understands the expectations, challenges, and systems which run multifamily. His expertise includes planning and business efficiency, software, energy and utilities, as well as on-site processes. Additionally, he has 15 years of experience in advisory and leadership roles, including his work with Maersk Sealand, one of the industry leaders in the logistics and shipping of government and embassy cargo worldwide.

Dylan’s expertise spans land, sea, and air. He is an experienced and rated private pilot rotorcraft, with a passion for flying helicopters and other types of rotorcraft. Dylan is an Auburn University graduate with a degree in business and logistics.


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