As our name indicates, we are security advisors. We do not produce or manufacture security equipment. We believe this approach helps our clients trust that we work for them from an unbiased viewpoint. We partner with our clients and solve problems. Our sole purpose is to protect your investment, your assets, and human capital as if they were our own. We give you the 360° view of your property’s current health and safety risks.

We offer expert advice and tailored solutions to help you address your security needs and return on investment. We show you how to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening in the future, but we do it with diplomacy and understanding.

What We Do

  • We investigate the geographical, historical, and environmental challenges of the property or asset.
  • OSA implements the efficient use of security/safety resources, measurable strategies, and consulting to deliver our clients a guaranteed product, resulting in a safer environment.
  • We search for crime trends in the area and their effect on residents, citizens, and staff.
  • OSA looks for the proper use and amount of on-site technology as well as solutions into the future. We can implement solutions that store necessary data, loop CCTV offsite, and custom tailor this to your solutions.
  • In today’s turbulent times, government officials must fully prepare when planning public events and day-to-day operations.  Such preparation should include determining the presence of internal and/or external threats aimed at disrupting the planned event.  Overwatch Security Advisors specializes in identifying these threats and offering solutions to alleviate them.
  • We partner with industry specialists to enhance your effective strategy as well as help craft the delivery of this message to your key people.

Who We Serve

Pre-Construction Asset Planning

OSA works with your development team and planning staff to lay the proper groundwork for the inclusion of security measures before construction begins, resulting in lowered long-term costs and a complete security profile.


Industrial assets such as factories and warehouses often exist in less populated areas, making them vulnerable to intrusions, theft, or worse. OSA has the expertise to investigate these sites and offer solutions to deter threats to the property.


OSA came into existence from years of experience in the multi-family environment.  Owners certainly were aware of security needs but often overlooked deficiencies “hiding in plain sight.” OSA knows what to look for and how to implement solutions correcting those deficiencies.

Golf Courses/Recreational Facilities

Country clubs and golf courses evoke thoughts of recreational and stress-free activities.  Management companies strive to keep security problems as far away as possible from those activities for both safety and financial reasons. OSA not only deals in security and safety, it also understands and values discretion.  OSA’s commitment to that goal allows your asset to function normally without interfering with your customers’ lives and pastimes.


OSA’s team has almost 100 years of individual experience in federal, state, and local government work as well as military experience. OSA knows the government contracting process and the various aspects of government security needs. OSA works in tandem with existing agency security, contracting, and construction departments to fulfill needs of government entities such as office space, schools, and branch offices.

Places of Worship

Unfortunately, today’s environment requires even places of worship to address the safety of their parishioners. OSA has experience in such environments and knows how to address security needs within the context of a religious community.

How We Work

OSA will create a custom security strategy tailored to your property based on decades of experience and a completely objective point of view.

We employ only the best people in the industry for security, safety, and enforcement. Our threat analysis and assessment team members come from the U.S. Military, Spec Ops, FBI, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, local PDs,  and SWAT. Our teams are equipped to be on site quickly and work with the local intel groups to gather the most current information possible. This unique approach gives your company the extra edge to diffuse the threat.

We do not manufacture or directly sell security products (CCTV cameras, lighting, fencing, or access controls). We have nationwide relationships and partnerships from which our clients benefit, and our vetting process is second to none.


OSA provides each of its clients with:



OSA conducts on-site assessments of the physical property and surrounding areas in order to provide a complete and proper picture of its security posture. These assessments include:

  • Geographic/Environmental Assessment
  • Floor Plan Analysis – Existing or Pre-Construction
  • Common Area Analysis
  • CCTV Mapping

OSA employs asset specialists with extensive backgrounds and experience in threat assessment and investigative techniques. These techniques look beyond the current status of your property by providing historical background and investigative data which can inform future decisions about your property and security.  This analysis includes:

  • Management Report
  • Vandalism/Local Crime Analysis
  • Property Analysis
  • Partnership on Rehabilitation

OSA compliments its physical assessment with analysis of crime trends in the asset’s surrounding areas.  These trends assist OSA and its client in making informed decisions about how to equip the asset for many years of service.


After the physical, historical, and demographic assessments are complete, OSA provides a comprehensive written report of all findings specific to the property. More importantly, OSA provides management with a full set of recommendations designed to strengthen the security of your company’s asset.  The report covers all aspects related to the security posture of the asset. OSA uses these reports as a blueprint in transforming the property into a safe and secure environment.  Moreover, through partnerships with industry leaders, OSA provides and implements solutions quickly and efficiently.


OSA provides tailored solutions to your individual security needs through the following methods:

  •  Vetting – We do your homework for you by conducting industry-wide searches for the very best in their fields resulting in the best possible outcome for your project.
  • Pricing –Because of our many national contacts and partnerships, OSA offers competitive pricing on all aspects of its work.
  • Oversight and Partnership – OSA will implement your project and offers turnkey solutions that oversee your chosen solutions from beginning to end.


Where to find us?


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