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Are you considering installing a multifamily entry control security system?  With all the violence making headlines, security is more important now than ever.  Consumers are willing to pay for it too.


The multifamily housing industry is a hot commodity with investors these days and with good reason.  The need for housing in America is growing and with it, so are the ROI benefits. Why not go for the often overlooked gem?  The security of having a multifamily entry control is increasingly attractive to consumers which translates to profits in investment returns.


Tenants Are Willing to Pay Up for Upgraded Security


It is common knowledge among tenants that leveled-up security also means higher payments on monthly rent.  Security is extremely important to a large portion of the population. When you choose an entry option such as keyless entry and video enhanced technology, not only will your residents be able to enter without hunting for a key, but in many cases they can also allow (or not allow) visitors in more safely and conveniently.


Tenants, on average, expect to pay at least 1-10% more for security enhanced features.  Weighing the risks that are potentially posed by not having good security, a good number of individuals are opting to only consider renting or purchasing in entry controlled residences.


What is Multifamily Entry Control?


Multifamily entry control is a process of resident validation within a residential community.  A check is completed and confirmed before entry is granted. There are a number of ways in which this type of security can be attained.  Vehicle, pedestrian entry (or both) can be controlled in the process.


Types of Multifamily Entry Control


Multifamily entry control comes in many shapes, sizes and price ranges.  The one that best suits your community depends upon your needs (what degree of security you’re residence requires), and the price you are willing to pay, among other factors.  Do you want a gate barrier or a video set-up in the entryway of a single building that houses residents?


Some types of multifamily entry control devices are as follows:


Gated Entry

Gated entry is an excellent way to control who comes and goes within your community.  Gates can be manned or controlled with technology. Gates can swing open or barriers can come down.  Cards, codes or video technology can be used to check identity and grant control.


Controlled Entry

Controlled entry can be through a door, desk or other location.  Identity may be determined by a card, code or even via video.



Rather than depending on voice control for acceptance or denial of entry, video technology is much more reliable.  You can even set the system up to where your residents can accept or deny guest access by video, rather than voice request, as well.


On the Financial Side

Property owners definitely have a responsibility to keep their resident community members safe.  That can be difficult to accomplish in a multifamily unit where many individuals are coming and going, but an entry control makes security possible.

The higher return on investment plays into the picture too.  An advanced, improved building entry system not only brings in a higher revenue, it also requires less maintenance.  It’s a win-win, all the way around.


Article by Overwatch Security Advisors


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